Up 走進江南 書寫中國 2023 香港青少年文學交流營 / Exploring Jiangnan Writing China 2023 Hong Kong Youth Literature Exchange Camp Slideshow


Recently, our school's Chinese cultural ambassador, 5C student LAU Shuk In, was recommended to participate in the "Exploring Jiangnan: Writing China" 2023 Hong Kong Youth Literature Exchange Camp organized by the Youth Academy in Hong Kong. Together with students from different schools, they visited Shaoxing and Hangzhou to gain insights into the profound historical and cultural heritage of these ancient cities and to understand their latest developments, immersing themselves in the culture of Jiangnan. By studying the history and humanities of various places, participants were encouraged to write about the cities and reflect on their own life experiences. The itinerary of this trip was enriching, broadening the students' perspectives, and fostering meaningful connections with like-minded new friends.


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