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.:大學站:. .:《香港200》領袖計劃 :. .: 學生領袖 :. .: 傑出學生 :.




2011第三屆深水埗區傑出學生選舉 --- 優秀學生獎
High Distinction of Australian National Chemistry Quiz (Royal Australian Chemical Institute)



創意科技教育協會: 第四屆創協盃創意機械人大賽嘉許狀互聯網專業協會學界親親上網大行動: 「親親I.T大使」
Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association: Proficiencyof Solo Verse Speaking (61st Hong Kong School SpeechFestival 2009)



Silver Certificate of “A Science Enrichment Programme for Secondary 3-4 Students 2008-2010” (Completed Phase 2 - Scientific Workshops II & Intensive Training Courses) 

University of Hong Kong students Union: Appreciation of “Hong Kong and Macau Inter-School Straw Competition 2009 City Shooter”
Wai Kiu College:  

  • Champion of Tongue Twister
  • Champion of Spelling Bees
  • Champion of Scrabble Competition
  • Bronze Certificate of “A Science
  • Enrichment Programme for Secondary 3-4
  • Students 2008-2010” (Completed Phase 1 Independent Research Studies)

  • 創意科技教育協會: 第四屆創協盃創意機械人大賽嘉許狀



    Appreciation for University of Hong Kong students Union Hong Kong and Macau Inter-School Straw Competition 2010 City Hunter

    香港童軍總會深資童軍航空章 (完成課程)
    香港童軍總會深資童軍地圖閱讀訓練班 (完成課程)
    Gold Certificate of “A Science Enrichment Programme for Secondary 3-4 Students 2008-2010” (Completed Phase 3
    Scientific Workshops)



    University of Hong Kong students Union: Appreciation for Hong Kong and Macau Inter-School Straw Competition 2008

  • 禮貌周標語設計比賽亞軍
  • 品學兼優獎
  • 數理遊踪比賽季軍
  • Subject Prize for English Language
  • Subject Prize for Information Technology
  • 香港學校音樂及朗誦協會第60屆香港學校朗誦節 (詩詞獨誦) 優良



    An outstanding student

    Jimmy Wu

            Do you think studying is hard enough and don’t want to make an effort to be better? Studying is extremely important; it is so we can live a fulfilling future. That is why we have to strive to be the best!

            What is an outstanding student? Most people think having better grades is adequate to be an outstanding student. I think to be an outstanding student, being intelligent is not the most important. There are much more vital things!


            Most of us are too busy with our studies that we are worn out. That’s why I believe being organized is essential. We have to balance studying, resting and relaxation. If you don’t take a break, you will be tired. If you don’t have time to unwind, you’ll be strained. Both will affect your studies so it’s key to strike a balance.

            That brings me to the next thing - temperance. Dong too much of anything is bad. Try to join different kinds of activities to spend your time. Finding a leisure pursuit is also nice. Not only are there numerous kinds to choose from, you’ll also have fun and encounter friends.
            What use are your grades if you make people think you’re awful? That’s why I think conduct and communication skills are crucial. If you’re timid, why not attempt chatting to others more? Why not say “Good morning” to people? You’ll leave a pleasant impression that way. I think doing charity work is a fine way to develop communication skills. That’s because you can converse with different kinds of people. Also, you will be helping other people, don’t you consider it wonderful?


            Performance in school is fundamental, but studying at home is much more vital! If you think paying attention during lessons are enough to get satisfactory grades, you are wrong. Doing exercise and revisions are a must for getting exceptional grades.


            Stress is hazardous! It makes you grumpy. Worrying and making poor judgments are also caused by stress. Hobbies can relieve stress, but I think doing sports is better. Three are plenty of different kinds to choose from and you’ll be exercising too. Which most students neglect for the reason that they think it’s a misuse of time? Nevertheless, you can be introduced to new friends and more importantly become skilled at teamwork and leadership skills while doing sports.


            Teamwork is essential! A lot of us yearn to be on the top, but pulling each other down is not going to help much. Instead, we ought to aim to lend a hand to each other .Being friends and doing stuff together is more efficient and easier than doing things on your own. Friends can also help a lot in times of need and you can share your difficulties with them.


            Do you know slightly more about how to be an outstanding student after reading this? I think organization, moderation, communication skills and friends are crucial. What about you? I’m sure there are tons of additional things that an outstanding student requires to do! Be certain to not give up, you’re future is at stake. Good luck!

    胡同學 (左一) 有幸成為香港代表團成員,參與奧地利童軍總會「奧地利大露營」