22/2/2021 - 1/4/2021 Zoom 網課安排
Zoom and In-person Lesson from 22/2/2021 to 1/4/2021

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1.   2月22日至26日,中五丶中六級上午回校上課(8:10-1:30),至於中一至中四級則按現時網課形式進行。

 From 22 to 26 February, all S5 and S6 students will return to school for face-to-face lessons in the morning (8:10am-1:30pm). For S1 to S4 students, online lessons will be conducted as at present.
2.  3月1日起,中三及中五級上午回校面授,按原定時間表進行(8:10-1:30)。

 Starting from 1st of March, S3 and S5 students will return to school in the morning for face-to-face lessons. The usual timetable (8:10am-1:30pm) will be adopted.
3.   由3月1日起,中一、中二及中四級除了上午進行網課外,會按以下日子於下午時段回校進行面授:
 中一級:星期二、四   下午面授時間表:  [1A]   [1A_ENG]  [1B]    [1C]
 中二級:星期一、三   下午面授時間表:  [2A]   [2A_ENG]   [2B]    [2C]
 中四級:星期一、三、五   下午面授時間表:  [4A]   [4B]    [4B_ENG]    [4C]
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 Starting from 1 March, in addition to online classes in the morning for S1, S2 and S4 students, they will return to school on different days in the afternoon for face-to-face lessons.
 S1: Tuesday, Thursday  In-person LessonTimetable:  [1A]   [1A_ENG]  [1B]    [1C]
 S2: Monday, Wednesday  In-person LessonTimetable:  [2A]   [2A_ENG]   [2B]    [2C]
 S4: Monday, Wednesday, Friday  In-person LessonTimetable:  [4A]   [4B]    [4B_ENG]    [4C]

 Lessons will start at 2:30 in the afternoon. There will be three sessions, 30 minutes each, with a 5-minute break between two, and school will end at 4:10pm.
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4.   中一、中二及中四級下午需要回校的日子,上午的網課將於12:10結束,即最後兩節不用上,以便同學可以有足夠的時間用膳及回校。 如有任何問題,請聯絡班主任

On the days with face-to-face lessons in the afternoon for S1, S2 and S4 students, the morning online lessons will end at 12:10pm, and the last two lessons will be cancelled so that students can have enough time for having lunch and returning to school.
5.  原定3月1日的家長日翌日假期將會取消

The Day following Parents' Day scheduled for 1 March will be cancelled.
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S1-S5 Zoom Timetable (using google account to login) S1-S5 課業清單 /S1-S5 Homework List
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2A      2B      2C 2A      2B      2C
3A      3B      3C3A      3B      3C
4A      4B(中文)      4B(Eng)      4C 4A      4B      4C
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